Jagshree Holistic Healthcare is a division of research and innovation focused enterprise: Jagshree Ayurveda Wellness Pvt. Ltd., engaged in developing novel wellness solutions from natural sources such   as   botanicals and plant derivatives derived from the rich, fertile lands of India.

Our pathways:

Our discovery process includes reverse pharmacology approach; an approach to evaluate and investigate ‘Indian Botanicals ‘  in the  light  of modern science and pharmacological     parameter  as per the global  standards  set by the WHO & F.D.A. In this way, we assure    our product    always    provide    consistent     efficacy    and health benefit    proven    in the clinical    trials.

Our Quality Steps:

  • The proper plant identification,    finger prints (HPTLC/TLC) to standardization    of raw materials.
  • We use State-of-art    laboratory   equipment   and instrument   to ensure the batch to batch consistency    of the raw materials.
  • We instruct to follow   complex   and precise manufacturing    practices.
  • We have a search engine having huge plant data.

Jagshree Holistic Healthcare plans to be a vertically integrated company with the capability to develop new products from discovery through clinical development and launch globally. At the same time the company is open to partnerships that can accelerate the commercialization & worldwide availability of Jagshree’s healthcare products.